Friday, 22 October 2010

Custom Orders

As we have been open for a few weeks now, we have created some really interesting and beautiful custom orders for our customers.  Some of the customers have let us use their custom orders for us to show examples of what we can create.  We will be showcasing these items on the blog and on the website. 

We shall be starting with a particular interesting piece. We had a Gentleman come to see us on our  Grand Opening.  He was looking for a special gift to give his brother and his wife's for their first wedding anniversary as he had been best man.  He asked if we would be able to etch a wedding photograph of them on to a mirror.  We had never attempted etching a photograph so we were not sure if the effect would work.  We attempted to convert two photographs, but we found that depending on how the light and shadows were placed in the image, decided whether the image would give the correct etched effect.  So some images cannot be converted to etching.  We have also found that we really need a digital image for an effective conversion.

Once the converted photograph gave us the effect we were looking for we sent the etching preview via email to the customer and once he was happy with the effect and the positioning we created this stunning mirror

Before the customer came to collect the mirror, we hung it on the wall so he could have the full effect as he came in.  As it had been hanging up for a couple of days before he came in, some of our other customers came in and complimented on how different and interesting it was.  Since then we have had a couple of people ask to have the same effect on their mirrors.  We shall be putting some of these on here in the coming weeks.

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