Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Grand Opening Review

View of our Shop with our Custom Bunting
It has taken a few days for us to get around to reviewing our Grand Opening but finally we can say it was a great and successful day.  We began preparing the exterior of the building on friday afternoon.  We had customized bunting that had alternating lilac and purple union jacks that we put across the car park and we also used some to draw attention to the A-board on Saturday morning. 

Saturday morning arrived and we popped to the local supermarket for a few bottles of sparkling rose and orange juice.  As we were getting them out of the car one of the bottles managed to tear a hole in the bottom of the bag and smash just outside of the shop.  We are now thinking of this as a Champange ship launch, so the shop is now well and truly christened.

By this time it was around 9am and as we were opening at 10am we had a few jobs that needed to be complete before we could open.  With a few helping hands we managed to get the banner, balloons, bunting and the last few pieces of artwork up.  We had been hoping to have Marilyn Monroe 1962 Andy Warhol print up as our main feature as it is such a beautiful piece, but it had been out of stock at the suppliers for the past 2 months so we had pretty much given up hope.  So we were so pleasantly surprised when the Director of Manufacturing came in and presented her to us just moments before the opening.  So with a little shuffling of artwork, Marilyn was hung, pride of place, at the centre of the main showroom.  All that was left was to pop the cork and celebrate!

Showhome Art and Mirrors Representatives. 
Shop Manager and Director of Manufacturing.

We had a steady flow of Friends, Family and Visitors throughout the day all wishing us well and admiring the artwork and mirrors.  We found that many people were able to see past just what artwork was on the wall and see true potential of what possibilities were out there for them to experiment with when considering artwork to go in their homes.  They were happy to find that we were able to create anything that they could think of whether that be through image manipulation of their own images or to etch their own design or image on the a mirror.  We took a couple of orders on the day and we are pleased to say that since the opening we have had orders and enquires from visitors that attended Saturday.



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